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Embrace Yoga & Wellness

with Liza Randolph Hunwick
200hr YTT Yoga Instructor & Birth Doula

About Me

Hi, I'm Liza.  I am a yogi since 2001; youngest sister of three daughters; and lover of truth, honesty, and laughter.  I was introduced to yoga initially by my yogi mother, Ruth Anne.  She loved yoga and thought her children would as well. My first yoga classes were in college in the US, and after graduating, my yoga practice expanded as a young professional working in Baltimore, MD.  


I had some great teachers at an independent studio called The Healing Path (at the time), who helped guide me in my practice and helped me to experience my first purely blissful moments in yoga.  Can you recall that time for YOU that you experienced a true savasana?  Can YOU?  Those minutes of your life, that particular day, when a yoga practice moved and changed your body through poses and mindful breath, to the moment when you let your body release fully into the pure, restful, still, peaceful place that is savasana.  Do you recall that time for YOU?  Have you had that time for YOU?


I hope the answer is YES, and if the answer is NO, please come join me for an Embrace Yoga & Wellness class soon!


After finding my love of yoga in Baltimore, I later moved to Vancouver in 2009 --  home to plenty o' yoga -- and within a few years, concluded it was time for me to do my own yoga training.  I landed myself on the sandy beaches of Mexico for a one month intensive yoga teacher training (YTT) at the Yandara Yoga Institute on the Baja.  I began by teaching traditional Hatha yoga back in Vancouver, and then focusing on Prenatal and Baby&Me yoga classes.  I started to grow a great fondness for teaching yoga to expectant mothers, and found myself becoming quite the a parent-to-be supporter.  Naturally, my next step was to take a birth doula training, with the amazing Jessica Austin, through Gloria Lemay’s Wise Women Way of Birth doula training. 


Now, in addition to teaching yoga to wonderful parents-to-be and new parents, I also welcome the amazing opportunity to fully support couples through their life-changing transformational chapter of life -- labor and birth.  If you want to know more about my birth doula offerings, please read on under my DOULA tab or email me to arrange a free consult.  I'm also part of a doula group called Doulas of Vancouver, about which you can read much more on us here.


I look forward to seeing you on the mat, or at your birth,  soon.


Liza's Trainings + Certificates:

2012: 200hr Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) 

Yandara Yoga Institute (http://www.yandara.com/)

2013: Prenatal Yoga Certificate

Lori Lucas w/ Langara College (https://yogawithlorilucas.com/)

2016: Birth Doula Training

Gloria Lemay's Wise Women Way of Birth (http://wisewomanwayofbirth.com/)

w/ Jessica Austin (http://www.birthtakesavillage.com/)

Yoga Class Schedule

PRENATAL YOGA — Wednesdays 6:30pm - 7:45pm

Kits CC

WINTER: Jan 15, - Mar 11, 2020 (No class Feb. 19)

    Register here

SPRING I: Apr 8 - May 13, 2020 (No class April 15)

SPRING II: May 27 - June 24, 2020

BABY&ME YOGA — Fridays 11:30am - 12:30pm

Kits CC

WINTER: Jan 17 - Mar 13, 2020 (No class Feb. 14)

    Register here

SPRING I: Apr 3 - May 15, 2020 (No class April 10)

SPRING II: May 29 - Jun 26, 2020


 REGISTRATION OPENS Dec. 7, 2019!!! 


Drop-in $17/class, space permitting


Get the best rate of $14/class when you

register for a class series!

Yoga Class Descriptions


Incorporate yoga into your pregnancy journey with Liza -- a yogi and birth doula!  Come dedicate time in your day to you and your baby.  Find the ability to go into your body on a deeper level, to connect to its oh so necessary inner strength for childbirth.  Stretch and move your body intuitively to ease aches and pains, connect with your breath and baby, all while meeting other birthers-to-be!  All trimesters welcome, all yoga levels welcome.  Consult your care provider prior to attending.


Regain strength, flexibility and bond with your baby on the outside, by incorporating infant massage, all while connecting with other parents, in this gentle Hatha class.  Ease your way into parenthood; ease your way back into your new postpartum body.  Suitable for pre-crawling babies.  Distractions by the babies are expected during this unique yoga class -- breaks for feedings or soothing are completely encouraged!  All yoga levels welcome.  Any caregiver welcome to attend with their baby.


Kitsilano Community Centre

2690 Larch Street / Vancouver, BC

604-257-6976 (press 1)

See Map

"As a new mum to an 8 week old baby girl, I rolled into Liza's Baby&Me yoga class exhausted, possibly covered in baby excrement and not quite sure I liked my daughter all too much. Over the next 4 months of classes, not only did I find my core again (yay!), I was able to bond with my daughter and become a more confident mother. Liza cultivates an environment of support and acceptance in her classes - come as you are,  take time for what you and your baby need,  and learn to accept and respect the amazing body which brought your child into the world. I am sad our time in her classes has come to an end but am so grateful for the yoga and community I found through classes with Liza. I highly recommend this class for all new mums and will most certainly seek out Liza if we are lucky enough to have another baby."   
- Lindsey
(baby & me yoga)

"Liza's classes are like none other.  The grounding experience she provides, and how she creates an amazing opportunity to connect with baby is like nothing else I’ve experienced in any other prenatal class.”

- Almira


"Liza is a great yoga teacher, who takes time to adapt to all students and their level.  She offers a calm and positive presence every class, and her nice warm energy is lovely and so appreciated.  I would be back for any future pregnancies, if we weren't moving away!"

-Natasha  (on pregnancy #2)

"I really benefited from Liza's prenatal yoga classes. I hadn't done much yoga previously, but every time I arrived to class, Liza created a space for my baby and me to connect through movements that made me appreciate all the truly enormous changes that pregnancy brings. Liza drew my attention to my breath throughout the class, which helped me to relax a great deal during my labor. This focus on attention to breath alone made Liza's classes indispensable. I look forward to attending her prenatal yoga classes during my next pregnancy and have recommended her to all my mama friends."

“I’ve yet to take a class with anyone that come close to the quality of yours.”

- Carly (on pregnancy #2)

"I took my 7 week old son to Baby&Me yoga. The first session was such a circus. He pooped. He cried. He nursed. He vomited on me. It was not Yoga, it was a comedy show. I would have not showed up again if I had not registered for the whole series, but then week by week it got better. Now 2 months later both my son and I enjoy it. He giggles for an hour and checks out other mothers and babies. He still poops though! It is a very relaxing experience!!  Baby&Me is such a friendly and safe way to get out, on my own, and go back to society with my baby without worrying about what's going to happen. I learned to manage all situations in public at a Yoga class!"      
- Golnaz 
(baby & me yoga)

“I enjoyed Liza’s Prenatal yoga class. She gives clear instruction on each pose, and I found the movements were easy to adopt for mamas-to-be in all Trimesters. Staying in squat position was tough at the beginning (even though I’m a Asian), but I’m certain it helped me to go thru the labor without any major issues. I’d definitely come back for my future pregnancy and recommend friends.”


"Thanks again for these great classes! I’m happy to report that we welcomed our little Miles on July 6th. We’re all doing well and I credit the prenatal yoga classes with helping me feel healthy and relaxed heading into motherhood."

"I'm so happy I took your class; it helped to keep me calm and ease sore muscles while I was pregnant and it may have also helped with labour as it was a rather quick labour (9 hours from the first contractions)."

"If you offered these classes every day, we would come!"
(baby & me yoga)

Birth Doula Services


A doula is a labor companion, who is non medical.  She or he is present to emotionally support the birthing person, and whomever the birthing person chooses to have present at her birth.  A doula provides continuity of care, and believes in informed consent.


A doula meets you, the pregnant person, and your partner (if applicable), at some point during your pregnancy, and begins to build a bond of trust and comfort leading up to your birth.  Your doula listens to, or helps you create, your birth vision -- aspects you particularly do not want during your labor, and even better, aspects you especially want to ensure during your labor!  If there are fears behind any parts of your birth (which is very common), your doula can help you face that and aim to clear it, so that you don't carry it forward into your birth and parenthood.  Your doula can be an extra voice, if needed during your labor, to help you and your partner advocate for yourself.  

During your labor, your doula would typically join you before your midwife or doctor, and then remain with you for the duration of your labor (however long or short), until the birth of your child, and the first couple hours into your baby's life.  She or he can help you and your partner endure a long labor, or act quickly in a fast labor.  Your doula can provide suggestions of positions, breathing techniques for you, and comfort measures, potentially for the partner to offer to you.  She or he can also help you navigate your options, to gain you 100% informed consent, if you find anything confusing or alarming.  Your doula helps keep the atmosphere calm, and you, confident.

In essence, your doula is a person you hand select because you feel a connection, and want them to join your birth team to help promote your own unique birth vision.  She or he is there for you every step of the way, to fully support you in whatever way you need.


  • 1 free initial consult (if we haven't previously met during yoga class)

  • 2 pre-natal visits at your home  (1-2hrs each)

  • Unlimited phone/e-mail/text support throughout your pregnancy

  • 24 hour on call support from 37 weeks until the birth of your baby 

  • Continuous support for your labor and birth, + 1-2hrs after birth

  • 2 post-partum visits  (1-2hrs each)



$450 deposit due at booking, remaining balance due on the 1st day of due date month, or 37wks. (whichever is sooner)

Pay by e-transfer, cash, or check. Payment plans available upon request.

Remember that you and your baby are worth this investment, and I will be on-call to you leading up to your baby's birth-day.  This is important, and you deserve to feel fully supported in this huge and awesome life event.

DoulaMatch profile -- https://doulamatch.net/profile/16805

Let a birth doula help.


Liza was amazing.  As expected, it was incredibly important to us that our doula was the right fit for us. Right from the beginning we clicked with her. She was super approachable, knowledgeable, and just had the right energy for us.  Throughout the process she had great information for us, really educated me about the birth process, and made sure that my fiance was equally involved. This is obviously super important, as it's a couple who's bringing a child into the world, not just a woman giving birth.

Equally as important as the prep -- the birth!  Liza was a huge support to both my fiance and I, she was a great partner for him and giving him a break when needed. It was also awesome to have two people to hold my hand when pushing for 3 hours!  Liza had everything under control for us, and taking care of me, during the birth. Even having my ChapStick in her pocket, and giving me water.


As my fiance says "there's doulas... And then there's Liza".

- Almira


I had an incredible home birth experience with my doula Liza by my side. I felt so supported from our first prenatal visit through til after my baby was born. Liza took the time to really get to know me and my partner, along with our hopes, fears and wishes for the birth, and was 100% ready to advocate for us in anything we needed. But mostly she was there to keep me grounded and to make me feel like I could do it for myself. As a result I was able to roar my baby into my own waiting hands like a powerful lioness! I highly recommend Liza for her calm energy, sense of humour, and intuitive skill in supporting a birthing person. I couldn’t imagine doing it without her!

- Jocelyn


 As you know, having a baby is a deeply personal, exciting, and at times a scary event.  We were debating whether or not to hire a Doula and we were extremely glad we did!  Liza was fantastic!  As soon as we met her we knew she would be a  good fit for us.  She was friendly, informative, listenened well,  and if she was unsure of something she got back to us with the researched answer. We felt comfortable with her right from the start.  We appreciated her quiet but helpful and strong presence with us during the labour and delivery of our son.  In fact, a few of the hospital staff complimented her on how helpful she was and how she really knew what she was doing without getting in the way.  We really enjoyed getting to know her in the weeks leading up to the delivery so that by the time we were ready to give birth, my husband and I were already very comforable having her around and it gave us peace of mind to have her with us as extra support.  I would highy recommend Liza as a birth Doula.  When I think of the birth of my son,  Liza will always be a special part of that significant, life changing event.


- Sandi

Get In Touch

EmbraceYogaWellness@gmail.com   or   604-356-7702



Also a proud member of Doulas of Vancouver.



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