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I'm on maternity leave!

Contact my Doulas of Vancouver colleagues for your birth doula needs, CBE education, acupuncture, mother roasting, and more.

WHAT IS A DOULA?                                               

A doula is a labor companion, who is non medical.  As your doula, I am present to emotionally support you, and whomever you choose to have present at your birth.  


I meet you and your partner (as applicable), at some point during your pregnancy, and we begin to build a bond of trust and comfort leading up to your birth.  As your doula, I listen to, or help you create, your birth vision -- aspects you particularly do not want during your labor, and even better, aspects you especially want to ensure during your labor!  If there are fears behind any parts of your birth (which is very common), I can help you face that and aim to clear it, so that you don't carry it forward into your birth and parenthood.  As your doula, I can be an extra voice, if needed during your labor, to help you and your partner advocate for yourself.  I believe in evidence based care for your evidence based birth.

During your labor, I typically join you before your midwife or doctor, and then remain with you for the duration of your labor (however long or short), until the birth of your child, and the first couple hours into your baby's life.  I can help you and your partner endure a long labor, or act quickly in a fast labor.  As your doula, I can provide suggestions of positions, breathing techniques for you, and comfort measures, potentially for the partner to offer to you.  I can also help you navigate your options, to gain you 100% informed consent, if you find anything confusing or alarming.  As your doula, I help keep the atmosphere calm, and you, confident.

People choose to work with me because they feel a connection, and want me to join their birth team to help promote their own unique birth vision.  


  • 1 free initial consult

  • 2 pre-natal visits at "your home"  (allow 2hrs each; virtual options available)

  • Unlimited phone/e-mail/text support throughout your pregnancy

  • Access to my lending library

  • 24 hour on call support from 37 weeks until the birth of your baby 

  • Continuous support for your labor and birth, + 1-2hrs after birth

    • ​Birth pool, if planning a homebirth​ (*kit: pool liner, hose, debris net & thermometer provided by you)

    • TENS machine

    • Rebozo

  • 2 post-partum visits at "your home"  (1-2hrs each; virtual options available)


  • 1 distance Reiki session with Ashley  (optional -- pre or post-natally)  

  • 1 private Prenatal yoga session with me (optional)  


$1300   (+ $150  * if birth pool kit provided by me)

$600 deposit due at booking, remaining balance due on the 1st day of due date month, or 37wks. (whichever is sooner)

Pay by e-transfer, cash, or check. Payment plans available upon request.

Remember that you and your baby are worth this investment, and I will be on-call to you leading up to your baby's birth-day.  This is important, and you deserve to feel fully supported in this huge and awesome life event.

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I'm on maternity leave!

Contact my Doulas of Vancouver colleagues for your birth doula needs, CBE education, acupuncture, mother roasting, and more.


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