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Doula client testimonials

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We LOVE Liza! She is an amazing human being and wonderfully compassionate, thoughtful and caring doula. We felt so supported from the first day we met her until well after our baby was born. She is super responsive and was always there to answer questions and provide support when we needed it. She is very generous with her time and is well connected to find resources when needed. She got to know us well and our wishes around birth and labour and always considered my needs but also those of my husband which we really appreciated.


During the birth, she was a calming presence for both myself and for my husband. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for support during pregnancy, labour and during the post partum period.


- Melissa


For the birth of our first child, my husband and I knew we needed an experienced coach to help guide us through this foreign and unknown experience. We use coaches and teachers for everything else in our lives, why wouldn’t we use one for the most important moment of our lives? Enter stage left, Liza, a calming and empowering doula who made the birth of our son a magical experience. Working with Liza, helped us feel confident and prepared for what could be a scary and daunting experience. Liza has a wealth of knowledge, tools, and resources which helped us feel prepared.


Her calming nature was a joy to work with and we are forever grateful she was there to help us through a 27-hour labor. She always knew how to comfort, help, calm, and encourage, and I can’t imagine how we would have managed without her. Once I went into labor, Liza helped me work through contractions at home, and then came to the hospital with us once we were ready to move. She stayed with us all night and continued to give me strength and energy to keep going until our son, Sawyer, was born.


I feel lucky to continue to have Liza in my life as baby Sawyer and I go to Liza’s Baby&Me yoga class which is a highlight of our week. I encourage all expecting mothers to also attend her prenatal yoga classes. Liza has a way of making everyone feel calm, loved, and heard, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for birth support.


- Alana


Liza was amazing.  As expected, it was incredibly important to us that our doula was the right fit for us. Right from the beginning we clicked with her. She was super approachable, knowledgeable, and just had the right energy for us.  Throughout the process she had great information for us, really educated me about the birth process, and made sure that my fiance was equally involved. This is obviously super important, as it's a couple who's bringing a child into the world, not just a woman giving birth.


Equally as important as the prep -- the birth!  Liza was a huge support to both my fiance and I, she was a great partner for him and giving him a break when needed. It was also awesome to have two people to hold my hand when pushing for 3 hours!  Liza had everything under control for us, and taking care of me, during the birth. Even having my ChapStick in her pocket, and giving me water.


As my fiance says "there's doulas... And then there's Liza".


- Almira


I had an incredible home birth experience with my doula Liza by my side. I felt so supported from our first prenatal visit through til after my baby was born. Liza took the time to really get to know me and my partner, along with our hopes, fears and wishes for the birth, and was 100% ready to advocate for us in anything we needed. But mostly she was there to keep me grounded and to make me feel like I could do it for myself. As a result I was able to roar my baby into my own waiting hands like a powerful lioness! I highly recommend Liza for her calm energy, sense of humour, and intuitive skill in supporting a birthing person. I couldn’t imagine doing it without her!

- Jocelyn


Liza has magical doula powers. She has found her calling in doula work. With her humble and assured care and guidance, she and my husband supported me to avoid any pain relievers and to feel absolutely supported physically and psychologically as I journeyed deep through labor to birth our little boy at home.  Liza also provided special foods and liquids for labor and post labor and shared invaluable resources for labor preparation, birth and breastfeeding. She went well beyond what we expected. Hire her and have an amazing birth experience. 

- Shannon


Having Liza was one if the best decisions we made for the birth of our first baby...we are a couple from South America, so it’s only us in Vancouver and in a short period we felt like she was part of our family.

I will always thank her for being there for us the whole time (she even slept by my side while waiting for our baby) and despite not having my “dreamed” home birth I felt safe and happy to have my husband and Liza that day. She is a beautiful human being!

- Isa


 As you know, having a baby is a deeply personal, exciting, and at times a scary event.  We were debating whether or not to hire a Doula and we were extremely glad we did!  Liza was fantastic!  As soon as we met her we knew she would be a  good fit for us.  She was friendly, informative, listened well,  and if she was unsure of something she got back to us with the researched answer. We felt comfortable with her right from the start.  We appreciated her quiet but helpful and strong presence with us during the labour and delivery of our son.  In fact, a few of the hospital staff complimented her on how helpful she was and how she really knew what she was doing without getting in the way.  We really enjoyed getting to know her in the weeks leading up to the delivery so that by the time we were ready to give birth, my husband and I were already very comfortable having her around and it gave us peace of mind to have her with us as extra support.  I would highly recommend Liza as a birth Doula.  When I think of the birth of my son,  Liza will always be a special part of that significant, life changing event.


- Sandi

LISA MARIE (midwife)

I had the privilege of working with Liza, for a birth in California. I work with many birth workers and occasionally am privileged to cross paths with a kindred spirit, the kind you feel like you have met before, that you can discern a true calling. Protecting physiologic woman centered, mostly hands off, birth requires a deep trust (sometimes born of knowledge and other times its innate) of the process. Liza has this trust. First time birthers at home can require a little extra time and effort but what is the most helpful is a Doula, and birth team,  that has a sagacious calm, lacking fear. She is pleasant and absolutely delightful! I tried begging her to stay in California and then threatened to move to Vancouver! For you locals there, please don't have your baby without a Doula, and be even kinder to yourself and your future self and hire Liza!


- Lisa Marie Sanchez Oxenham (MW)



So incredibly happy we decided to have Liza at the birth of our little girl! I met Liza through her prenatal yoga class and right away I thought she would be a great fit as a doula. Liza is caring, considerate, knowledgeable and friendly. After talking with a few doulas Liza was the best fit for us. I couldn’t be happier with our decision and can’t imagine our birth without her.

Liza was with us throughout our labour helping with pain management and helping us to identify when to go to the hospital. During our labour at the hospital we were left in the assessment room for the bulk of our stay before giving birth. Because it was our first baby the nurses rarely checked on us but Liza was there to advocate for us. She also helped walk me through our options, found the nurses when my labour progressed and was a constant support. I honestly wouldn’t have wanted my husband to leave me while I was labouring so having Liza to get us the help we needed was exceptionally important to us. While we did classes to prepare for the birth, having someone there to help identify that we were heading into the delivery phase was crucial.

On top of her help throughout the labour she provided pre and post visits that helped us learn more about what to expect and to help us settle in. Knowing we had a resource to call for any questions as new parents was so helpful.

If we decided to have another baby we hope Liza will join us for our next adventure!


- Amanda


I had a 40 hour long labor and delivery and I am so glad I hired Liza to be my birthing coach. It was my first pregnancy and just knowing Liza would be there made me stress less about the whole thing.

Liza was with me from beginning to end. She came to my apartment in the middle of the night when the contractions started getting stronger and was helping me endure each one. She came equipped with many tools including the TENS machine and was fanning me and massaging me. 

I would definitely hire her again for my second baby and I am recommending her to my pregnant friends. 


- Sabrina

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