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Prenatal Yoga, Acupuncture, Dance
with Amanda & Liza

August 18, 2024

12 - 6pm

Pregnancy Retreat

Nectar Yoga Retreat, Bowen Island, BC


Ideal for those expecting their baby's arrival October 2024 onward


1. Who is this retreat ideal for?  Birthing timeline-wise?

The date of this retreat -- Aug. 18 -- is ideal for those expecting their baby's arrival October 2024 and onward.  We do not recommend coming if you are beyond 35wks.  We are both birth doulas, but the intent is not to have you meet your baby while on retreat ;)

2. Who are your hosts?

Amanda is a mother, long-time birth doula and leading acupuncturist for the childbearing years in Vancouver BC.  She is a lover of nature and helping people discover more health and freedom in their bodies.

Liza is also a mother and long-time birth doula, who found her way to birth work through her yoga path.  She also teaches Prenatal and Baby&Me Yoga in Vancouver, BC.  When she's not busy with birth related things, she is consumed with RE-discovering the world through the lens of her 3y/o daughter whom she birthed at home.

3. Do I need to have previous yoga experience?

Nope!  We will do a gentle yoga practice catered to the participants.  Liza always welcomes her students to modify or skip poses if they need to.  Pregnancy is all about tuning into your body and listening to the messages it sends you.  If you have specific questions about the yoga portion of the retreat or know you are working with particular discomforts in your pregnant body, email Liza here.

4. Do I have to do acupuncture?  I have questions!  Email Amanda here.

Absolutely not!  Everything is optional.  If you've never tried it, we encourage you to try it with us.

5. Can I bring my own food?

Yes, by all means.  If you have certain dietary restrictions or preferences, particularly during this pregnancy, please feel free to pack what you and your baby like!  We will be providing a lunch at the start of our time together and participants will be able to pre-order their meal ahead of the retreat date.

Email us if questions/concerns.

6. Where the heck is Bowen Island?   How do I get there?

Bowen Island is one of the many beautiful small islands dotting the Howe Sound off the coast of Vancouver, BC.  Fun fact: it is the shortest (only 20min.!) ferry ride to any of the islands, and they uniquely do not take reservations.  Pure #islandtime.  Plan your ferry journey here.  If it will be your first time to Bowen, we cannot wait to welcome you there with open arms!

Nectar Yoga Retreat has taken time to spell out specific travel information clearly on their website, so we point you there for more travel day details.

If we can answer anything further, please ask us!

7. Do I have to dance?  

Only if the mood and grooves strike you.  Don't rule it out today!

8. Do I have to have my picture taken?  

Only if you want to!  We'll have a photographer on site with us to document the day and document YOU, if you so wish.  If you love this person's style, get connected for your very own pregnancy photoshoot to follow.

9. What time will I get back home Sunday evening?  

Our retreat ends at 6pm, and we need to leave the property then.  The next ferries leaving island are 7:20pm and 8:50pm.  If you have time, catch dinner near Snug Cove, then journey home.  If you need to get home, know that it's only a 20min. sailing.

If you still have questions we can help answer, please email us!



We look forward to hosting you on August 18, 2024!

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