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Currents Retreats

Prenatal Yoga, Acupuncture, Dance
with Amanda & Liza

August 18, 2024

12 - 6pm

Pregnancy Retreat

Nectar Yoga Retreat, Bowen Island, BC


Ideal for those expecting their baby's arrival October 2024 onward

Join us for a Sunday afternoon Currents Pregnancy Retreat nestled in the forest on Bowen Island, BC at Nectar Yoga Retreat, just a short 20min. ferry ride from Vancouver.   Immerse yourself in nature, along with fellow pregnant people.  Come ready to connect deeply to your little one growing within, and leave clear headed in body, mind, and spirit.  Find the flow of YOU and your baby.  Ride your current.  


Nurture yourself with delicious food.

Move your body intuitively through yoga & dance.

Flow your chi with the deep wisdom of acupuncture.

Pause to reflect and know your journey ahead more clearly.


What the day will include:

Welcome Lunch

(Onyx Lodge)

Prenatal Yoga



Journal Time

(in THE Dome)


Nature walks

Come enjoy this very special time

in your life with us:


+ ferry ride to Bowen*

Pay by e-transfer or PayPal.


Early Bird till May 15

Location - Nectar Yoga Retreat:

720 Gardner Lane

Bowen Island, BC

V0N 1G2

How to get there


Ferry Information:

Plan your ferry journey here.

Suggested to arrive on island by 11:30am, to allow time to drive/bus to Nectar.

Come even earlier, if you can spare the time!





Currents Definition


plural noun: currents

  • a body of water or air moving in a definite direction, especially through a surrounding body of water or air in which there is less movement.
    "ocean currents"

  • a flow of electricity that results from the ordered directional movement of electrically charged particles.

  • a quantity representing the rate of flow of electric charge.


Flow with the Currents. 

Let the current carry you. 

The currents will flow toward you. 

And you will give in the flow of the currents.


Want to join us?  

Have more questions? 

Checkout our FAQ page above to see if your answers are there.


If you're still pondering, contact us below.  We love hearing from you!

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